Monday, February 20, 2012

Playing Cinderella

I spent a large portion of my teens and early twenties plastered to a television or stuck in a book. My favorites were the romantic comedies, the romantic action stories, the romantic.... you get the picture. I was enamored of the idea of Prince Charming and the Rescue from Drudgery or Persecution and the idea of Happily Ever After. I was even enamored with the idea of a less-than-perfect Prince Charming (because the writers of fiction would have us believe that Jerk=Charming).

Well, as I've grown (physically, mentally, and spiritually) I've stopped watching television and reading novels. Unfortunately, I haven't completely stopped looking for the Happily Ever After (and the Lack of Drudgery that is supposed to accompany it). And so I waste large portions of time wishing my life was "better" and complaining about my lack of "happiness" and my prince who is sometimes a jerk.

But I've discovered that the media has it all wrong. And so do I. I have fallen for the lie. Because what constitutes real happiness (true joy) is not a Castle and a Prince and a Life of Ease. True joy comes through service, through being a help and not a hindrance, a blessing rather than a curse. True joy is choosing to look at the bright side and seeing and encouraging the growth in grace of Prince Imperfect, the royal children, and every single other "jerk" I meet.

The King of the Universe chose a life of service rather than the riches and honor due Him. He stepped down from the throne to serve those who didn't love him, those who were often downright evil, those who eventually killed Him. He found His joy in leaving the castle, not staying in it.

I want to do that. I want to scrub the floor with a smile, listen to whining without losing my temper (or even my joy), and disagree with Prince Jerk (after all, am I not Mrs. Jerk more often than I care to admit?) without starting a war. I want to choose a Life of Service over a Life of Ease.

Staying by my bucket,

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